1846-1910 History of Nepal 1950-1990

Nepal 1910-1950

In a 1923 treaty, Britain recognized Nepal's sovereignty. Britain continued to recruit soldiers in Nepal, the famous GURKHA REGIMENTS. The Gurkhas were famous for their loyalty and courage; they served the British in many colonial wars, as well as in World War I and II.
The practise of burning widows alive with the corpses of their husbands was terminated in 1920. Slavery was abolished in 1929, TRICHANDRA COLLEGE established in 1918. Economic modernization happened in form of the establishment of a hydroelectric company (1911), cotton and jute mills, a match factory, a plywood factory etc.

In 1931, the population of Nepal numbered 5,600,000, the largest cities were Katmandu (108,804, Patan (104,928), Bhatgang (93,176). The most important agricultural products included wheat, jute, legumes, rice, tobacco, opium; anumal husbandry products skins and furs. Around 1936, the annual budget amounted 15 million rupees.

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