1971-1988 History of Pakistan

Pakistan 1977-1988

Government . In 1977, the Bhutto administration was toppled by a military coup d'etat. General Zia ul Haq assumed the presidency.

Foreign Policy . Relations with India remained the defining issue for Pakistan's foreign policy. Good relations with the PRC were maintained, the arms race with India continued; Pakistan, which under Zia ul Haq emphasized the country's Islamic identity stronger than its predecessor, sought and received financial aid from countries such as Saudi Arabia.
In 1979, Soviet forces invaded Afghanistan. The Mujahedeen resisted Soviet occupation and the Afghan puppet administration installed by the Soviets. The resistance relied on supplies, coming from or channelled through Pakistan. The country also received millions of Afghan refugees, lodged in camps on the Pakistani side of the border. US relations with Pakistan improved, because the US actively supported the Mujahedeen and needed Pakistani support in order to do so.

The Economy . The Zia ul Haq administration pursued the policy of privatizing the state-owned industries (nationalized by the Bhutto administration in the early 1970es). Trade with the PRC increased; the Pakistani Rupee continued to gradually loose value compared to the US Dollar.

Domestic Policy . With the Zia ul Haq administration strongly emphasizing Islam as the foundation for Pakistani politics, the conservative tribes of Baluchistan and the North West Frontier Priovince had less of a reason to maintain a relellious attitude, and the threat of a secession of Baluchistan was avoided. The mainly urban support base of the PPP was disgruntled (their leader Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto being the victim of judicial murder in 1979); but the cities of Pakistan were under the control of the military; martial law lasted until 1985.

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