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A principality located on the southern slope of the eastern Himalayas, between Nepal and Bhutan. The principality was established by a prince from Tibet, Khye Bumsa, in the 13th century. Sikkim was inhabited by the LEPCHAS and BHUTIAS. In 1642 the NAMGYAL DYNASTY succeeded to the throne; Sikkim became a vassal state of TIBET; the title of the king was CHOGYAL (heavenly king).
In 1775 a treaty was signed with Nepal ending a series of Nepalese invasions which had been repelled; however Nepal kept Sikkim territory occupied, which was returned in 1817 after the TREATY OF TITALIA signed between Sikkim and the East India Company (which had defeated Nepal in 1816). In 1835, Sikkim ceded DARJEELING to the East India Company, which established tea plantations there. Britain formally annexed Darjeeling and southern Sikkim in 1860. As the British administration of India seemed intent on gaining economic and strategic control over Sikkim and favoured the Nepali settlers within Tibet, the Namgyal dynasty kings sought for Tibetan protection. Based on the treaty of 1861, Britain (the province of Bengal) claimed a protectorate over Sikkim; it was formally recognized by Tibet in 1904.
In 1947, when India became independent, a treaty was signed which declared Sikkim an INDIAN PROTECTORATE. In 1975 Sikkim was annexed by India.

History of Sikkim, from Sikkim National Information Service
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