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First posted on March 6th 2004, last revised on February 20th 2009

Timeline : Bahawalpur

Historical Atlas, South Asia , British India, Pakistan, Punjab Page

see also : History of Pakistan, History of (West) Punjab

Country Profiles Article Bahawalpur, from Wikipedia
Links, on History
Historical Maps Maps : N. Bahawalpur, S. Bahawalpur (Constable 1893), posted by Ian Poyntz
Maps of Bahawalpur, from Wikimapia
Timelines at WHKMLA
Accounts of History Bahawalpur, from PakVisit
Princely State of Bahawalpur, from Namdar Home Page
About Bahawalpur, from Tourism Punjab, scroll down
Bahawalpur, the Abbasi Dynasty, Brief History, by Christopher Buyers
Bahawalpur, from Princely India
History of Bahawalpur, from District Government Bahawalpur, from Bahawalpur Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, from Bahawalpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry, from namdar.net
Encyclopedia Entries Article Bahawalpur, from Meyers Konversationslexikon, 1885-1892 edition, in German
Article Cis-Sutlej States, from EB 1911
Article Bahawalpur, from Imperial Gazetteer of India
Articles Bahavolpur, Kanpur, Khanpur, from Geografisk-Statistisk Haandbog 1858-1863, in Danish
E.G. Balfour, The cyclopaedia of India and of Eastern and Southern Asia, commercial, industrial, and scientific; products of the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms, useful arts and manufactures (1885), vol.1, vol.2, vol.3, posted on Internet Archive; search for Bahawalpur
Ethnology Article Seraiki, from Wikipedia; Seraikistan, from 43 Places
Local History Ahmed Pur Lamma. The Sad Town of Bahawalpur State, by A.S. Gilani
Khan Pur History, from World 66
Daudpota's History, by Altuf Daudpota
Institutions History of Islamia University of Bahawalpur
Central Library Bahawalpur, w. historical information
History of Punjab Medical College, scroll down for Bahawalpur MC
Biography Biographies of Bahawalpur Rulers, from namdar.net
Others Tareekh-i-Murad Gardezi on Bahawalpur, by S.T. Mirza

Lists of Statesmen Indian Princely States : Bahawalpur (List of Rulers)
Pakistan Princely States : Bahawalpur, from World Statesmen
Population Figures Pakistan : Historical Population Figures by Province, from Population Statistics
Population, from District Government Bahawalpur
Document Collections Newspaper Archive, requires registration, charges a modest fee
Jewish Chronicle, since 1841; New York Times, click Archive 1851-1980, since 1980; Time Magazine, Archive, since 1923; Newsweek Archive, since 1993; The Economist : Research, reaches back to 1997
Archives, Libraries, Musea Bahawalpur Museum, from District Government Bahawalpur
State Symbols Flag of Bahawalpur, from FOTW
Coins Bahawalpur Coins, from Indus Numismatic Gallery
Stamps Bahawalpur State, from World Postal History
Others Images of Bahawalpur, from Bahawalpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Quaid-e-Azam Trophy : Brief History, from CricInfo Pakistan
Medals of Bahawalpur, from OMSA

Online Libraries Panjab Digital Library
General Accounts Mushirul Hasan (ed.), The Partition Omnibus, Oxford : UP 2002, KMLA Lib. Call Sign 954.03 P132p
Sources Treaties with the King of Persia, Runjeet Sing, the King of Cabool, the Ameers of Sinde and the Nawab of Bahawulpore, etc (1839), posted on Internet Archive
Yearbooks Article Bahawalpur, in : Britannica Book of the Year 1913 p. 613 (on events of 1912) [G]

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