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Awadh Maratha Federation
First posted on December 27th 2011

Political History . While the Nawabs of Bengal nominally remained subjects of the Mughal Emperors, from 1717 Bengal was practically independent. Their territory covered the Mughal provinces of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa; the capital was Murshidabad. Many European monopolist trade companies maintained trade factories (often fortified, such as Fort Gustavius (V.O.C. (NL)) and Fort William (E.I.C. (GB)), in Bengal.
Bengal suffered Maratha incursions; in 1751 Orissa was ceded to the Marathas. In 1757 the Nawab of Bengal found himself on the loosing side in the Battle of Plassey; by 1765 the East India Company had taken de-facto control of his domain; the Nawabs were now called "Nawab of Murshidabad". Bengal was to form the core of Bengal Presidency.

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