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British India Maldives
First posted on December 11th 2011

Kingdom of Kandy 1469-1817 . Ceylon under V.O.C. Rule, 1656-1796 . Ceylon/Sri Lanka independent, 1948-

In 1796 the British occupied Dutch Ceylon, and the Batavian Republic ceded the island to Britain in 1802. A first British occupation of Kingdom of Kandy in 1803 was only temportary; in 1815 a second campaign succeeded in annexing the Kingdom of Kandy. Ceylon was now united under British rule. To work the plantations on Ceylon, the British brought in numerous Tamil workers from the Madras Presidency.
Ceylon became independent in 1948.

British Ceylon 1931-1948 . British Ceylon 1918-1931 . British Ceylon 1880-1918 . British Ceylon 1815-1880

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Students' Paper : Lee, Seung Heon, History of Transportation in South Asia (2009)

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