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Madras Presidency Andaman & Nicobar Islands
First posted on December 28th 2004, last revised on May 16th 2010

I.) Danish India under the Administration of the Ostindiske Kompagni

In 1616 the Ostindisk Kompagni (Danish East India Company) was established, in 1620 a trade factory in Trankebar (Tranquebar, modern Tharamgambadi) acquired. From 1689 to 1722 the company maintained a trade factory at Oddeway Torre on the Malabar Coast, from 1698-1714 another one at Dannemarksnagore (Gondalpara) in Bengal.

II.) Danish India under the Administration of the Asiatiske Kompagni

The initiative for an attempt to revive the enterprise was taken up in 1727; in 1732 the Ostindisk Kompagni was succeeded by the Asiatisk Kompagni (Danish Asiatic Company). In 1755 a trading post at Frederiksnagore (= Serampore, in Bengal) was acquired; Denmark also claimed possession of the Nicobar Islands, which it renamed Frederiksøerne (King Frederik Islands).

III.) Danish India a Danish Crown Colony

In 1777 the company assets were taken over by Denmark. During the Napoleonic Wars, Danish India was occupied by the British. The Danish possessions were returned to Denmark after the Vienna Congress. While in the territory administrated by the (British) East India Company missionaries were forbidden to engage in proselytization, the Danish administration actively promoted such activity. The small Danish territories on the subcontinent became centers of education and bookprinting (the first missionary, Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg, had arrived in Trankebar in 1705); Serampore College, established by William Carey, became a model for the universities founded in British India after the suppression of the Sepoy Mutiny and Rebellion.
In 1845, Denmark sold its possessions on the Indian mainland to the E.I.C.. In 1848 Denmark renounced its claims on the Nicobar Islands, which became a center of piracy until the British took over in 1869, after friendly negotiations with the Danish government, and annexed into British India.

Timeline : Danish India

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