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Mughal Empire
First posted on June 19th 2012

Between 1160 and 1187, Muhammad al-Ghuri conquered the Ghaznavid Empire; he continued to expand his territory, and in 1192 he razed the Buddhist temple complex at Nalanda to the ground, in effect terminating the history of Buddhism in India.
The Delhi Sultanate lasted from 1206 to 1526 and again from 1540 to 1555. Upon the death of Muhammad al-Ghuri, his governor of Delhi established the Mamluk Dynasty or Slave Dynasty (1206-1290; Mamluk Dynasty of Delhi, not to be confused with the Mamluk Dynasty of Cairo 1250-1517).
The Mamluk Dynasty of Delhi was succeeded by the Khilji Dynasty 1290-1320, the Tughluq Dynasty 1320-1414, the Sayyid Dynasty 1414-1451 and the Lodhi Dynasty 1451-1526 and 1540-1555.

Delhi was chosen as capital because of its strategic location, controlling the plain connecting the Jumna and Sutlej valleys (tributaries of the Ganges respectively Indus rivers). The core region of the Delhi Sultanate was the Upper Indus, Upper and Central Ganges Valley. It reached its largest extension under the early Tughluq Dunasty. The Bahmani Sultanate broke away in 1345, marking the beginning of the Deccan Sultanates.
In the 13th and early 14th century, the Delhi Sultanate was able to defend itself against Mongol attacks; only in 1398 did Delhi fall to the army of Tamerlane (who died in 1405). The Sultanate of Delhi recovered.
In 1526 Timurid Babur defeated the Lodhi Dynasty, took Delhi and established the Mughal Empire. The Lodhi had been defeated, but not eliminated; in 1540 Lodhi Sher Suri Shah expelled Mughal Emperor Humayun from Delhi; only in 1555 was the Lodhi Dynasty terminated by a returning Humayun.

Islam was official religion, Farsi (Persian) the language of the court. During the Delhi Sultanate, the language of Urdu (Hindi with Arab, Turkic, Persian loanwords, written in the Arabic alphabet) emerged. The Delhi Sultanate was dominated by Turks of Central Asian extraction.

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