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First posted on December 29th 2004, last revised on November 22nd 2009

The V.O.C. established factories on a number of points on the Indian coast, and inland along the navigable rivers. The V.O.C. (established in 1602) for most of its history treated India as 4 distinct "gewesten" (regions), Malabar, Coromandel, Bengal and Surat. Until into the 1660es, the V.O.C. pursued an aggressive policy against Portuguese strongholds, failing in several attempts to take Goa. The marriage of English king Charles II. with Portuguese princess Catherine de Bragança in 1661 provided Portugal with an English alliance. The gewest of Surat did not revore from the sack of this important Mughal city by the Mahrattas in 1664. The decline of the V.O.C. began with the 'disaster year' 1672 (French invasion of the Netherlands); in Bengal, the V.O.C. remained the leading foreign trading company until into the 1730es, when it was overtaken by the E.I.C. In 1799 the V.O.C. assets were taken over by the Dutch state (then the Batavian Republic); after a period of British occupation they were returned to the Netherlands in 1814, but ceded by the latter to Britain (the E.I.C.) in 1825.
The V.O.C. acquired spices, textiles, diamonds, ivory from India. Its factories in India produced coin and gunpowder. For the V.O.C., entrepot trade was an important source of revenue.

Timeline : Dutch India

Historical Atlas, South Asia Page

Students' Paper : Yeon, Haram, The History of Textiles in South Asia (2009)

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Document Collections
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