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Himachal Pradesh Haryana
First posted on November 7th 2005, last revised on June 4th 2010

(East) Punjab since 1984 . Republic of India
(East) Punjab 1966-1984 . Republic of India

See also History of Haryana, History of Himachal Pradesh for the history of areas which have been part of the Indian section of Punjab and have been separated in 1966.

(East) Punjab 1956-1966 . Republic of India
(East) Punjab 1947-1956 . Republic of India

For the History until 1947, see under History of Punjab
See also History of West Punjab since 1947

For the History of Punjab Princely States, see : West Punjab : Bahawalpur, East Punjab : Faridkot, Jind, Kalsia, Kapurthala, Malerkotla, Nabha, Patiala; Haryana : Loharu

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