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Rajasthan Maharashtra
First posted on May 27th 2006, last revised on June 1st 2010

While the British dominated India (-1947), only a small part of Gujarat was under direct British administration (part of Bombay Presidency). The larger part belonged to a number of Princely States (indirect rule).
With India being released into independence, Bombay Presidency was transformed into Bombay State ; the princely states were integrated into Bombay State. In 1960 Bombay State was split into Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Gujarat since 1971 . Gujarat 1960-1971

Timeline : Gujarat

Historical Atlas : British India, India Page

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Links General Category : Gujarat, from Wikipedia
on History Category : History of Gujarat, from Wikipedia
Historical Dictionary
Accounts of History Current from Webindia 123, from Wikipedia, from Official Gujarat State Portal
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Category : Indian Political Parties - Gujarat, from Wikipedia
Military Article 2002 Gujarat Violence, from Wikipedia
P. Brass, The Gujarat Pogrom of 2002, from Contemporary Conflicts
Economy & Finances The Economy of Gujarat, from Webindia 123, from Wikipedia, from Economy Watch
A History of Diamonds in India, from De Beers; Historical Gem Cutting Regions : Gujarat, India, from Khulsey
Crafts of Gujarat, from India Crafts
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Ethnography People of Gujarat, from Webindia 123
India, from Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre
Gujarati, from Languages of the World, Ethnologue, Article Gujarati Language, from Wikipedia
Rajputs of Kathiawar
Religion Religion in Gujarat, from Webindia 123
Gujarat's Muslim Heritage Smashed in Riots, from The Guardian, June 29, 2002
Temples of Gujarat, from Indian Temples Portal; Gujarat Temples, from India Net Zone
Patron Saint Index : Diocese of Ahmedabad
History of Regions History of Kutch, from IndiaNetZone
Indian Princely States, by H. Soszynski, index page
List of Indian Princely States, from Wikipedia
Local History History of Ahmedabad, from Wikipedia
History of Surat, from In Surat, from Wikipedia
Institutions History of Gujarat University
Structurae : Gujarat
Biographies A. Wright, Annesley of Surat and his times, the true story of the mythical Wesley fortune (1918), posted on Internet Archive
Others India Environment Portal : Gujarat
Terrestrial Ecoregions : Indo-Malayan, from WWF; scroll down for Northwestern Thorn Scrub Forests, Thar Desert, Khathiar-Gir Dry Deciduous Forests, Rann of Kutch Seasonal Salt March

Historical Data Lists of Statesmen from World Statesmen (B. Cahoon), scroll down
List of Chief Ministers of Gujarat, from Wikipedia
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Population of Cities : India, Gujarat, from City Population
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Historical Maps Maps of Gujarat, from Maps of India, from Maps-India
Rajputana West, Sindh, Cutch and Gujarat (Constable 1893), from Historical Maps of India
Sindh, N. Gujarat (Bartholomew 1909), from DSAL
Bombay, S. Gujarat (Bartholomew 1909), from DSAL
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Parliamentary Debates Hansard (British Parliament)
House of Lords, Sessional Papers, 1801-1833, vol.61 1812-1813, GB
Tour Guides, Travelogues
Institutions Archives Gujarat State Archives, from SYCD
UNESCO Archives Portal, State and Regional Archives - India, one entry on Gujarat
Musea Museums in Gujarat, from Gujarat Tourism
Monuments Alphabetical List of Monuments - Gujarat, from Archaeological Survey of India
Gujarat Index, from Showcaves
Category : Forts in Gujarat, from Wikipedia
Category : Palaces in Gujarat, from Wikipedia
Category : Temples in Gujarat, from Wikipedia ; Gujarat Temples, from Indian Temples Portal
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