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Sri Lanka V.O.C.
First posted on August 8th 2005, last revised on May 12th 2010

The (Singhalese Buddhist) Kingdom of Kandy was established in the 15th century. While the Portuguese, and in their succession the V.O.C., took control of Ceylon's major ports and of the coast, Kandy held on to the' island's interior. Relations between Kandy and the V.O.C. were mostly hostile. During the Napoleonic wars the British occupied the Dutch positions on Ceylon. A first campaign against Kandy in 1803 failed to subdue the kingdom; this object was achieved by a second expedition in 1815. After the suppression of the Uva Rebellion 1817, the autonomy Kandy had been assured in the Kandyan Convention of 1815 was cancelled, and Kandy was fully integrated into the British crown colony of Ceylon.

Alternative spellings : Kandy, Candy, Candi, Udarata

Timeline : Kingdom of Kandy

Students' Paper : Son, Bo Kyung, The History of Persecution of the Buddhist Faith (2011)

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