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Sri Lanka Maldives
First posted on May 27th 2006, last revised on May 18th 2010

For earlier history see British India, Madras Presidency

Timeline : Lakshadweep

British India, India Page

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Country Profiles from India Net Zone; from Wikipedia; from Webindia 123
Accounts of History History, from Webindia 123, from Wikipedia
Politics Politics of Lakshadweep, from Wikipedia
Political Resources on the Net : Indian States, scroll down for Lakshadweep
Economy & Finances The Economy of Lakshadweep, from Webindia 123, from Wikipedia
Ethnography People of Lakshadweep, from Webindia 123
Religion Religion in Lakshadweep, from Webindia 123

Historical Data Lists of Statesmen from World Statesmen (B. Cahoon), scroll down
Population Figures Historical Population Statistics : India, by State (Province), from Population Statistics, at UUtrecht
Population of Cities : India, Lakshadweep, from City Population
Election Results India Election Database, results since 1989
Election Database, from Election Commission of India, results since 1977
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Image Databanks Wikimedia Commons
Archival Deposits Search National Archives (UK)
Search Janus (catalogues of archives and manuscript collections held throughout Cambridge)
Constitutions, Laws
Document Collections Zayn al-Din Abd al-Aziz al-Malibari, Tohfut-ul-mujahideen an historical work in the Arabic language, Engl. trsl. by M.J. Rowlandson, 1833, GB ; reference to "the Islands of Malabar" which R. interprets as the Laccadives
Historical Maps Maps of Lakshadweep, from Maps of India, from Maps-India
Encyclopedia Entries
General Article Lakadiven, from Meyers Konversationslexikon 1885-1892, in German
Articles Laccadive Islands, from EB 1911
Economic Laccadive Islands, pp.320-321 in vol.1 of W. Milburn, Oriental commerce, 1813, GB
Laccadive Islands, p.171 in W. Milburn, Oriental commerce, or, The East India trader's complete guide, 1825, GB
Geographical The Lackdivas, or Laccadivas, or Laccadive Islands, pp.211- in J. Huddart, The oriental navigator, 1801, GB
The Laccadive Islands, pp.207 in W. Herbert, A new nautical directory for the East-India and China navigation, 1804, GB
Laccadive Islands, p.260 in C. Malte-Brun, Universal Geography, Or, a Description of All the Parts of the World, 1822, GB
Laccadfives Isles, pp.110-111 in vol.1 of W. Hamilton, The East Indian gazetteer, 1828, GB
Isole Lachedive e Maldive, pp.63-74 in vol.3 of G. Ferrario, Il costume antico e moderno di tutti i popoli, 1829, in Italian, GB
Malte-Brun 1834 : The Laccadives and the Maldives, posted by LakDiva
Article Laccadive Islands, from Imperial Gazetteer of India (1909), posted by DSAL
Parliamentary Debates foreign Hansard (British Parliament)
Tour Guides, Travelogues
Institutions Archives
Monuments Lighthouses of India : Lakshadweep
State Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag Proposal, from FOTW

Bibliographies general Datenbasis Internationale Beziehungen und Länderkunde (Data Base on International Relations and Country Studies) (site in German, most titles listed in English; numerous entries; publications mostly since 1970)
RHS Bibliography
UK National Archive Online Library
ISBN Database
on Lakshadweep Indcat, Online Uinion Catalogue of Indian Universities, from INFLIBNET, click Union Database
Online Libraries general Project Gutenberg, Online Catalogue, keywords Ceylon
Internet Archive
on India Digital Library of India
History of India Digital Library
Online Journals
General Accounts
Yearbooks Article : Laccadive Islands, in : Statesman's Year Book 1898 p.157, 1901 p.171, 1905 p.180, 1910 p.157, 1918 pp.159-160 [G]
Article : India and Dependencies : Laccadive Islands, in : Statesman's Yearbook 1919 pp.164-165, 1925 p.166, 1928 pp.159-160, 1937 p.168 [G]
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