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History of Kerala until the end of Company Rule (1858)

First posted on December 13th 2011

Terminology : European sources from 1498 into the 20th century refer to Kerala as "the Malabar Coast". Only after independence were the Indian states reorganized based on the regionally spoken languages; Kerala is the state where Malayalam is the dominant language. The terms "Malabar Coast" and "Kerala" roughly coincide.


Cananor (city)
Cananor (kgd.)
Coulão (city)
Coulão (kgd.)

Cannanore (city)
Cannanore (kgd.)
Quilon (city)
Quilon (kgd.)

Cannanore (city)
Cannanore (kgd.)
Quilon (city)
Quilon (kgd.)


Transcription used in Rep. of India


Political History : Until c.300 CE, Kerala was divided by Puzhinadu (north), the Cheras (center) and Ay (the south). By c.700 CE, northern Kerala was held by Alupa, central and southern Kerala by the Chera Dynasty. The Chera Dynasty ended in 1102. After that, Kerala fragmented further politically. In 1498, when Vasco da Gama arrived, the most prominent states in Kerala were Kolathiri (capital Cannanore), Samoothiri (the land of the Zamorin, capital Calicut) and Venad.
The Portuguese attempt to conquer the regional trade center of Calicut failed. So instead, they supported a smaller rival, Cochin (Kochi).
In the 17th century, the Dutch (the V.O.C.) replaced the Portuguese as the leading European trading nation on the Malabar coast. Denmark and France (Mahe) also established trading factories. Cochin, from having been a Portuguese satellite, had changed into a V.O.C. satellite (although relations between the V.O.C. and Cochin were uneasy).
During the 18th century the V.O.C. declined; in 1763 Samoothiri (Calicut) was conquered and annexed by Mysore. In 1792 Mysore ceded Malabar District (with Calicut) to the East India Company, in 1799 South Kannara District (with Cannanore); both areas came under direct rule (Madras Presidency). Cochin and Travancore (an enlarged Venad) after some resistance accepted indirect rule.
Following independence (Republic of India) 1947, Kerala State was formed in 1956 by merging Malabar District (with Mahe, annexed 1954), Cochin and Travancore with parts of South Kannada District.

Students' Papers : Cho, Hwi Gue, Methods and Results of Communication in First Time Encounters : the Cases of da Gama, Columbus, Magellan, Cortes, and Pizarro (2012)
Students' Papers : Myeong Do Hyeong, The Clash of Cultures in Malabar : Encounters, Conflict and Interaction with European Culture, 1498-1947 (2012)

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