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First posted on May 3rd 2002, last revised on May 20th 2010

The islands were a Buddhist kingdom from the 3rd century B.C. to the 12th century A.D., when Islam was introduced. Sultanate of the Maldives from the late 12th into the 16th century. Then Portuguese rule from 1558 into the 17th century, when the Portuguese were replaced by the V.O.C. Under the Dutch, the Maldives became somewhat of an annex to Ceylon, much of which the V.O.C. controlled.
In 1796/1803 the British took Ceylon from the Dutch, and with it took control of the Maldives.
When Ceylon became independent in 1948, British administratyion of the Maldives continued. The Maldives gained independence in 1965.

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Students' Paper : Lee, Seung Heon, History of Transportation in South Asia (2009)

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