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First posted on March 5th 2004, last revised on May 16th 2010

The Kingdom of Mysore is said to have been established in 1399. From 1399 to 1565 it was a vassall of Vijayanagar. In the early 18th century, Mysore was an ally (formally a vassall) of the Mughal Empire in their struggles against the Marathas. In 1761 Haidar Ali established himself as the ruler of Mysore, turning the kingdom into a sultanate. Haider Ali and his son Tippo Sultan fought a series of wars with the E.I.C. (1766-1769, 1780-1784, 1789-1792, 1798-1799) culminating in the taking of Seringapatnam by the British, the deposition of the ruling dynasty and its replacement by a Hindu dynasty. Mysore remained a princely state under indirect rule, allocated to Madras Presidency. In 1947 Mysore joined the Indian Union and became Mysore State in 1950. In 1956 territory from Hyderabad and from Madras were annexed into Mysore State; in 1973 Mysore State was renamed Karnataka.

Alternative spellings : Mysore, Mysoor, Maissur

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