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Jammu & Kashmir Punjab
First posted on November 13th 2005, last revised on June 4th 2010

British India was involved in three wars with Afghanistan, 1839-1842, 1878-1881 and 1919. Land to the west of Punjab was under British military administration since the conquest of Punjab in 1849; a formal border line to Afghanistan was drawn in 1893 (the Durrand Line).
In 1901 the North West Frontier Province was established (detached from the Punjab). It consisted of areas under direct rule (centers Peshawar, Dera Ismail Khan) and of areas under indirect rule.
In 1947 NWFP joined Pakistan. In 1955 NWFP was annexed into West Pakistan. In 1969-1970 NWFP was recreated, with Chitral, Swat, Dir and Kohistan, but without FATA (Federally-Administered Tribal Areas).
In 2010 NWFP was renamed Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Much of NWFP is made up of rugged terrain, where pastoral nomadism is still of great importance. The dominant language is Pashtu. NWFP was the target of Afghan expansionist policy in the 1950es; it took in the bulk of Afghan refugees fleeing the Soviet occupation, and a supply base for the Mujahedeen fighting the latter.

Timeline : North West Frontier Province

Historical Atlas, NWFP, British India, Pakistan Page

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