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First posted on May 25th 2010

In the 17th and into the 18th century the E.I.C. held a number of small trade factories in the territories of modern Orissa and West Bengal. In consequence of the Battles of Plassey 1759 and Buxar 1765, the E.I.C. established control over Bengal, Bihar and Orissa (the territory previously ruled by the Nawab of Bengal). This territorial complex was organized into the Bengal Presidency with its administrative center at Calcutta (Kolkata). The E.I.C. applied a dual concept of administration, a combination of direct rule and indirect rule (the Princely States).
Major acquisitions included Assam, Arakan and Tenasserim in 1826, the North-Western Provinces (Agra) in 1831, the Punjab in 1849, Lower Burma in 1852, Oudh (Awadh) in 1856, Upper Burma in 1886.
The rapid expansion of Bengal Presidency required administrative reorganization. As provinces within Bengal Presidency were formed : North-Western Provinces 1831 (newly acquired), Punjab 1849 (newly acquired), United Provinces of Agra and Oudh 1856 (merger of North-Western Provinces and newly acquired Oudh), Ajmer-Merwara 1871 (separated from United Provinces of Agra and Oudh), Burma in 1886, North-West Frontier Province 1901, East Bengal and Assam 1906, Bihar and Orissa in 1912, Assam 1912 (carved out of East Bengal and Assam), Bengal 1912, Delhi 1912 (carved out of Punjab), Aden 1932, Bihar 1935 (carved out of Bihar and Orissa), Orissa 1935 (carved out of Bihar and Orissa).
Completely separated from Bengal Presidency were Straits Settlements in 1867, Aden, Burma in 1937.

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see also EIC India for the history of India under the E.I.C., 1759-1858, British India for the history of British India 1858-1947

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