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Bengal Presidency Madras Presidency
First posted on December 2nd 2008, last revised on June 1st 2010

England acquired Bombay from Portugal in 1661 and leased it to the East India Company in 1668. Bombay became one of the E.I.C.'s three administrative centers in India - Calcutta and Madras being the other two. The area administrated from Bombay, the Bombay Presidency, roughly covers the modern states of Sindh (Pakistan), Gujarat and western Maharashtra (Republic of India). The Bombay Presidency consisted of territory under direct British administration (Sindh, Gujarat, Deccan and Carnatic Divisions) and of a number of princely states where indirect rule applied.
When the possessions of the E.I.C. were transferred to the British Colonial Office, forming British India, in 1858, the administrative structure (Presidencies) remained intact.
In 1936, Sindh was separated from Bombay Presidency, to form a separate province. Upon the independence of the Republic of India, the Bombay Presidency became Bombay State, which was split in 1960 into the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Successor States : Maharashtra, Gujarat, Sindh

See also East India Company-ruled India 1759-1858, British India 1858-1947, Republic of India since 1947, Pakistan since 1947
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