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Sindh United Provinces
First posted on October 30th 2004, last revised on June 3rd 2010

For the history since 1947, see Punjab (Pakistan), Punjab (India), Himachal Pradesh, Haryana

Timeline : Punjab

Historical Atlas, Punjab , Pakistan , India , British India , South Asia Pages

see also : History of Pakistan, India

see also : History of Bahawalpur, Bashahr, Bilaspur, Chamba, Faridkot, Jind, Kalsia, Kapurthala, Loharu, Malerkotla, Mandi, Nabha, Nalagarh, Patiala, Sirmur, Suket, Simla Hill States

Students' Papers : Na, Kunho, A World History of Synchretic Religions, 1450-1750 (2011)

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Country Profiles from Wikipedia
Historical Article Punjab, from Imperial Gazetteer of India, posted by DSAL
H. Steinbach, The Punjaub, Being a Brief Account of the Country of the Sikhs (1846), posted on Internet Archive
Links Category : Punjab, from Wikipedia
on History Category : History of Punjab, from Wikipedia
Organizations Culture, Archaeology & Museum Department, from Government of Punjab
National Fund for Cultural Heritage, Pakistan
Historical Dictionaries Jatland Wiki
Encyclopedia of Sikhism; The Sikh Encyclopedia; Sikhi Wiki
Timelines Punjab History Timeline, from Punjabilok
Accounts of History Current Article : History of the Punjab, from Wikipedia
History of Punjab, from Infoplease
History of Punjab, from Indian Saga
History of Punjab, from Punjab State
History of the Punjab, from Brainy Encyclopedia
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Politics Article Unionist Party, from Unionist Muslim League, Sikander Hyat Khan, Shiromani Akali Dal, Master Tara Singh, from Wikipedia
Photo : Punjabi Assembly (no date), from Webshots
Historical Background of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab
Sir Sikander in Sonopat, Punjab (Film, 1941) from Harappa Bazaar
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Military Punjab and the Ghazni and Ghur Invasions, from South Asian History
Articles Punjab Regiment, from Wikipedia
Punjab Regiment, from Indian Army
Punjab Regiment (India), from Global Security
Jat Regiment, from Jatland
Category Anglo-Sikh Wars, Battles involving the Sikhs, from Wikipedia
Encyclopedia of Sikhism, see Anglo-Sikh Wars
Seikh War in March 1849 (1849), posted on Internet Archive
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Social History Hissar Famine (Film 1939), from Harappa Bazaar
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Ethnography Article Punjabi People, from Wikipedia
Sikh Refugees Fleeing Punjab Province, film 1947, from Harappa Bazaar
The Forgotten Gujjranwalias and Sheikhupurias of Karnal, by Harjap Singh Aujla
Muslim League Attacks on Hindus and Sikhs in the Punjab 1947, by SGPC
Religion History of the Sikhs
Article Hinduism in the Punjab, from Wikipedia
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G.Ch. Narang, Transition of Sikhism into a political organization (1910), posted on Internet Archive
History of Regions Click here for Punjab (Pakistan), Punjab (India), Haryana, Himachal Pradesh
For princely states see : History of Bahawalpur, Bashahr, Bilaspur, Chamba, Faridkot, Jind, Kalsia, Kapurthala, Loharu, Malerkotla, Mandi, Nabha, Nalagarh, Patiala, Sirmur, Suket, Simla Hill States
Local History A Museum or British Lahore, from History Today 1997
History of Rawalpindi, from Pindiplus
Encyclopedia of Sikhism, entries Amritsar, Lahore
Institutions Articles Government College University : History, University of the Punjab : History, from Wikipedia
Encyclopedia of Sikhism, see Electrification of the Golden Temple
Biographies R.E. Cholmeley, The Lion of the Punjaub (1908), posted by Gutenberg Library Online
G.C. Smyth, The History of Reigning Family of Lahore (1847), posted on Internet Archive
Others W.K. Firminger, The Early History of Freemasonry in Bengal and in the Punjab (1906), posted on Internet Archive

Historical Data Lists of Statesmen from World Statesmen (B. Cahoon)
Population Figures
Election Results 1920-1947
Documents Historical Newspapers Amritsar Massacre, from Times Online : Times Archive
Modern Newspapers
Image Databanks Search Delcampe Picture Postcards for Punjab; Tuck's Lahore, from Early Postcards of India and Ceylon
Archival Deposits Search National Archives (UK)
Search Janus
Constitutions, Laws Punjab Laws Online, Chronological Index, 53 laws pre-1947
Punjab Municipal Act 1911, from Punjab Revenue
Treaties C.U. Aitchison, A Collection of treaties, engagements, and sunnuds, relating to India and neighbouring countries, vol.1 (1892), vol.2 (1892), vol.3 (1863), vol.3 (1909), vol.4 (1893), vol.5 (1876), vol.5 (1892), vol.6 (1892), vol.7 (1862), vol.7 (1892), vol.8 (1892), vol.9 (1892), vol.10 (1892), vol.11 (1892), vol.13 (1909), posted on Internet Archive
Treaties with the King of Persia, Runjeet Sing, the King of Cabool, the Ameers of Sinde and the Nawab of Bahawulpore, etc (1839), posted on Internet Archive
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Articles Treaty of Amtritsar, Treaty of Lahore, from Wikipedia
Kashmir Legal Documents, many among the earlier ones relating to Punjab; in English
Encyclopedia of Sikhism, see Anglo-Sikh Treaties of 1806, 1809, 1840, 1846, 1849
Document Collections G. Buist, Annals of India for the year 1848; an outline of the principal events which have occurred in the British dominions in India from 1st January 1848 to the end of the second , from IA
Historical Maps Map of Punjab, from Punjab Online; of West Punjab, East Punjab (Constable 1893) posted by Ian Poyntz; from Imperial Gazetteer of India, posted by DSAL (1908)
Map of Lahore (Constable 1893) posted by Ian Poyntz
Map : Sindetic Hindoostan (Cary's New Universal Atlas 1819), posted by M. Witkam
Map : Punjab (Sohr-Berghaus Hand-Atlas 5th edition 1855; 5th edition 1861) posted by M. Witkam
Maps : Eastern Hemisphere 550 B.C., Eastern Hemisphere 527 BC, Eastern Hemisphere 500 BC, Eastern Hemisphere 400 BC, Eastern Hemisphere 335 BC, Eastern Hemisphere 323 BC, Easern Hemisphere 300 BC, Eastern Hemisphere 200 BC, Eastern Hemisphere 100 BC, Eastern Hemisphere 050 BC, Parthian Empire 001 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 050 AD, Kushan Empire, 100 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 200 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 300 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 400 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 450 AD, Hephtalite Empire and Hunas, 500 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 565 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 600 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 610 AD, Asia 700 AD, Asia 800 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 900 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 1000 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 1025 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 1100 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 1200 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 1300 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 1400 AD, Eastern Hemisphere 1500 AD, by Thomas Lessman
Encyclopedia Entries
Secular Articles Pandschab, Lahor, Amritsar, Multan, Bahawalpur, Patiala, Rawalpindi, from Meyers Konversationslexikon 1885-1892, in German
Articles Punjab, Cis Sutlej States, Amritsar, Baghal, Bashahr, Chamba, Chillianwala, Dera Ghazi Khan, Gujranwala, Gurdarspur, Faridkot, Ferozepur, Hindur, Hoshiarpur, Jhang, Jhelum, Jind, Jullundur, Kangra, Kapurthala, Karnal, Kasur, Keonthal, Kulu, Lahore, Ludhiana, Lyallpur, Maler Kotla, Mandi, Montgomery, Multan, Muzaffargarh, Nabha, Patiala, Phillaur, Rawalpindi, Shahpur, Sialkot, Simla, Sirmur, Spiti, Thanesar, Umballa, from EB 1911
Religious Articles Lahore, Sikhism, from Catholic Encyclopedia 1907-1914 edition
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Geographical G.Th. Landmann, A universal gazetteer; or, Geographical dictionary of the world (1835), posted on Internet Archive; search for Punjab
Articles Amretsir, Attok, Julinder, Kohat, Kussur, Lahore, Multan, Pendschab, Peshawer, Pind adun Khan, Rawulpundi, Schudschabad, Wesirabad, from Geografisk-Statistisk Haandbog 1858-1863, in Danish
Imperial Gazetteer of India (1908-1931); numerous Punjab-related entries; beware of spelling varieties
Ethnographical Royaume de Lahore, pp.383-384 in X. Heuschling, Manual de statistique ethnographique universelle, 1847, in French, GB
Parliamentary Debates Hansard (British Parliament)
Tour Guides, Travelogues A. Haq, Lahore Guide (1909), posted on Internet Archive
Residence Memoirs G.R. Elsmie, Thirty-Five Years in the Punjab 1858-1893 (1898), posted on Internet Archive
Institutions Archives Plight of the Punjab Archives, from Punjab Heritage News
Musea Museums in Punjab (India), from Government of Punjab (India)
Museums and Galleries in Pakistan, scroll down for Punjab
Monuments F.M.A. Rehman, History and Architecture of Mughhal Monuments Lahore, 2002 thesis
Indian Cemeteries, entry for Lahore, Delhi, Murree
Libraries National Library of Pakistan
Official Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag of Patiala, from FOTW
Coins, Banknotes Search Coin Archives for Punjab
World Coin Catalog : Sikh Empire, Sikh Feudatory States, from Numismaticon

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International Boundary Studies
Search DBNG for Bengalen etc.
on the Punjab Indcat, Online Uinion Catalogue of Indian Universities, from INFLIBNET, click Union Database
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