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First posted on May 26th 2002, last revised on May 15th 2010

Kingdom of Kandy 1469-1817 . Ceylon under V.O.C. Rule, 1656-1796 . Ceylon British, 1796-1948

At the time of the arrival of Vasco da Gama in Calicut (Kozhikode) 1498, the island of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) was divided into several polities : the Kingdom of Jaffna, the Kingdom of Kotte, the Kingdom of Kandy being the largest ones. The Portuguese established their control over Colombo (in the territory of Kotte, the latter kingdom being annexed by the Portuguese in 1597) and established a protectorate over the Kingdom of Jaffna until the Portuguese also annexed this kingdom in 1619.
In 1656-1660 the V.O.C. ousted the Portuguese from Ceylon and took over their territory around Colombo and Jaffna. The Kingdom of Kandy was the only native polity to last throughout the era of Portuguese and Dutch colonialism.
In 1796 the British occupied Dutch Ceylon, and the Batavian Republic ceded the island to Britain in 1802. A first British occupation of Kandy in 1803 was only temportary; in 1815 a second campaign succeeded in annexing the Kingdom of Kandy. Ceylon was now united under British rule. To work the plantations on Ceylon, the British brought in numerous Tamil workers from the Madras Presidency.
Ceylon became independent in 1948. The country was renamed Sri Lanka in 1972. Independent Sri Lanka saw the rise of tension between the ethnic Buddhist Sinhalese majority and the ethnic Tamil, mostly Hindu minority which escalated in the Sri Lanka Civil War (1983-2010).

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Click here for the History of the Kingdom of Kandy (Udarata)

Historical Atlas, South Asia Page

Students' Paper : Son, Bo Kyung, The History of Persecution of the Buddhist Faith (2011)
Students' Paper : Lee, Seung Heon, History of Transportation in South Asia (2009)
Students' Paper : Kim, Kyung Mook : History of the Civil War in Sri Lanka, since 1983

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