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Literature on the History of South Asia . Literature on the History of Southeast Asia
First posted on February 20th 2014

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Prehistory . to 1338 . 1336-1565 . 1565-1707 . 1707-1798 . 1799-1947 . since 1947


to 1336
Pandyan Dynasty 500 BCE-1600s CE, Chera Dynasty 3rd century BCE-12th century CE, Cholas (Cholas) 3rd century BCE-1279 CE, Hoysala Empire 1026-1343. Ports on the Malabar and Coromandel coasts were engaged in interregional trade (export articles : black pepper, textiles). The Cholas in 1025 undertook a raid against Srivijaya (Sumatra). From c.1000 CE onward, maritime trade more and more came into the hands of Muslim traders.
In the coastal regions, communities of Syriac Christians, Jews and Muslims attested to old trading connections. Inland, from the 9th century onward, Hinduism became dominant, Jainism maintained a minority position, while Buddhism declined, to face extinction about the 14th century.

Most of South India was part of the Hindu Vijayanagara Empire, capital Hampi. Calicut was a major trading port (black pepper, textiles), visited by Ibn Battuta in the 1340s, by Ming admiral Zheng He in 1403 and by Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama in 1498. Attempts of the Portuguese to conquer Calicut failed.

In 1565 the Hindu kingdom of Vijayanagar lost much territory to the allied Muslim Deccan sultans. Much of western South India came under the Sultanate of Bijapur (Adil Shahi Dynasty), the east under Golkonda (Qutb Shahi Dynasty). The remainder of Vijayanagar fragmented in 1643, the kingdoms of Mysore, Madurai and Tanjore being among its successors. The Malabar coast was divided into a number of smaller states, among them Kozhikode (Calicut).
From 1657 to 1707 the Mughal Empire fought a lenghty campaign with the object to conquer and annex South India. The Sultanates of Bijapur and Golkonda were terminated.
Portugal held Coastal strongholds since the early 16th century. In the 17th century, the Dutch, English, French and the Danes arrived to establish coastal forts of their own (Denmark : Trankebar 1620, England : Fort St. George at Madras 1644, Dutch Republic : Cochin in 1663 taken from the Portuguese, France : Pondicherry 1674).

Death of Aurangzeb; his attempt to conquer southern India has failed. Maratha states arose which controlled much of Central India; Hyderabad State from 1724 to 1798 nominally was part of the Mughal Empire. In a war with the Marathas, Haider Ali in 1758 consolidated the Sultanate of Mysore; Mysore fought wars with Britain in 1767, 1779, 1789 and 1799.

In the 4th Mysore War, Britain defeated the Sultanate of Mysore and replaced the (Muslim) Sultan by a Hindu Raja. Most of Southern India was administratively part of the Madras Presidency (headquarters Fort St. George, Madras). The princely states of Hyderabad (since 1798 independent), Cochin, Travancore and Mysore were under "indirect rule". French India included Pondicherry (capital), Yanaon, Carical and Mahe.
In an 1824 Treaty, the Netherlands ceded Dutch India (possessions in Malabar) to Britain. In 1845 Britain purchased Danish India (capital Tharangambadi, in Danish Trankebar). Until 1857 the Madras Presidency was administered by the E.I.C.; from 1858 until 1947 by the Colonial Office, as a crown colony.

since 1947
In 1947 British colonial rule ended. Plans for a state called Dravidistan (Dravida Nadu) did not materialize. The Madras Presidency and the princely states, most notably Hyderabad, Mysore, Cochin and Travancore, became part of the Union, since 1950 Republic of India. Hyderabad State was occupied, the monarchy terminated and the state partitioned in 1948. In 1954 the Republic of India annexed the French possessions of Yanaon, Carical, Pondicherry and Mahe (French India). South India administratively wasa reorganized into the states of Andhra Pradesh (Telugu-speaking), Tamil Nadu (Tamil-speaking), Kerala (Malayalam-speaking), Karnataka (Kannada-speaking; at the coast Konkani) and the Union Territory of Puducherri (former French India).

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Local History
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Environmental History
General, Links India Environment Portal : Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu
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Map : India, Climatic Zones (Koeppen), Wikipedia
Ecoregions WWF Wildfinder
WWF : IM1401 Godavari-Krishna Mangroves, IM1301 Deccan Thorn Shrub Forests, IM0204 East Deccan Dry Evergreen Forests, IM0209 South Deccan Plateau Dry Deciduous Forests, IM0111 Eastern Highlands Moist Deciduous Forests, IM0124 Malabar Coast Moist Deciduous Forests, IM0150 South Western Ghats Moist Deciduous Forests, IM0151 South Western Ghats Montane Rain Forests
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South Asian Provenience Historical Documents, from Malankara Syria : Christian Resources
British Provenience Copies and Extracts of Advices to and from India, Relative to the Cause, Progress and Successful Termination of the War with the Late Tippoo Sultan, Chief of Mysore, 1800, GB
E. Moor (ed.), A Compilation of all the Government and General - Government - General - Brigade and Garrison Orders - Minutes of Council - Commands of the Hon. Company - or Regulations, from whatever Authority Promulgated, from the year 1750 to 31st of July 1801, that are now in force and operating on the discipline or expoenditure of the Bombay Army , 1801, GB
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Digital Colonial Documents (India posted at La Trobe Univ.
Documents for the history of India, from Project South Asia; Indian History Sourcebook
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An enquiry into the policy of making conquests for the Mahometans in India, by the British arms; in answer to a pamphlet entitled "Considerations on the conquest of Tanjore." (1779), IA
Original Papers Relative to the Rights and Pretensions of the Nabob Or Arcot ... (1785), posted on Internet Archive
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The case of His Highness Prince Azeem Jah, Nawaub of the Carnatic, and Soubahdar of Arcot. In Support of the Petitions by His Highness to the Imperial Parliament of Great Britain (1859), IA
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An atlas of the southern part of India, including plans of all the principal towns & cantonments, reduced from the grand trigonometrical survey of India, shewing also the Tenasserim provinces, 1854, IA, has Hyderabad circars maps
DSAL, Imperial Gazetteer of India, Atlas 1909, Atlas 1931
DSAL, J.E. Schwartzberg, A Historical Atlas of South Asia
Malabar Maps, search David Rumsey Map Collection
Search CHINDEU for Malabar
Atlas of Mutual Heritage, posted by Nationaalarchief
Leen Helmink, The Secret Atlas of the Dutch East India Company
Kaarten, from V.O.C. Kenniscentrum
Historical Maps of India, links from Rootsweb
Hindsight, Asia Maps : Eastern Hemisphere 550 B.C., 527 BC, 500 BC, 400 BC, 335 BC, 323 BC, 300 BC, 200 BC, 100 BC, 050 BC, 050 AD, 200 AD, 300 AD, 400 AD, 450 AD, 565 AD, 600 AD, 610 AD, 900 AD, 1000 AD, 1025 AD, 1100 AD, 1200 AD, 1300 AD, 1400 AD, 1500 AD, Asia 700 AD, 800 AD, by Thomas Lessman
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Map : India in 1750, from Educatinal Technology Clearinghouse, Univ. of South Florida; has Arakan as part of Bengal
Map : India in the Time of Clive 1760, from Emerson Kent
Maps : India 1795, Wikipedia
Map India 1937, from Find my Past
Contemporary, South Asia India Maps, PCL, UTexas
Ian Poyntz, Historical Maps of India (Constable 1893)
India 1805, India 1823, India 1848, (Joppen 1907) from Wikipedia
Maps : India 1765, India 1837, India 1857 (Imperial Gazetteer 1908), from Wikipedia
Hindsight, Detail Map : The Partition of Mysore, from History of India in Maps
Linguistic Map of South India, Railway Lines S. India 1914, Madras Presidency Administrative, 1936, from Wikipedia
Contemporary, Detail Map of Hyderabad (city), from Maps of India
Madras, Mysore, Goa (Constable 1893), from Historical Maps of India
Travancore, Trichinopoli and ceylon (Constable 1893), from Historical Maps of India
Maps : Madras Presidency 1909, Northern Half Madras Presidency 1909, Southern Half, Madras and Environs, (J.G. Bartholomew/Imperial Gazetteer of India), posted by DSAL
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Article Mysore (State), from EB 1911
on Cities/Subregions Article Haidarabad, from Meyers Konversationslexikon, 1885-1892 edition, in German, posted by Retro Bibliothek
Articles : Hyderabad, India (Capital), from Encyclopaedia Britannica 1911 edition, posted by Classic Encyclopedia
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Articles Madras Presidency, Diistricts : Laccadive Islands, Kanara, Malabar District, Coorg (Nilgiri), Coimbatore District, Trichinopoly District, Tinnevelly District, Tanjore District, Arcot, Salem, India, Chingleput District, Bellary District, Anantapur District, Kurnool District, Nellore District, Cuddapah, Guntur District, Godavari District, Vizagapatam District, Ganjam District, Cities : Mangalore, Calicut, Cannanore, Tellicherry, Madras, Princely States : Banganapalle, Sandur, Pudukkottai
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National Archives of India
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Musea Wikipedia, List of Museums in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu
Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad, India
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DakshinaChitra, cross cultural living museum of art, architecture, lifestyles, crafts and performing arts of South India; located in Chennai
Monuments Archaeological Survey of India, Alphabetical List of Monuments - Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu
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Deccan Sultanates : Bijapur, Golkonda, Ahmednagar, Bidar and Berar Coins, Hyderabad Nijam Coins, from My Collection of South India Coins, by Rajesh Kotha
Hyderabad State Copper Coins
Pre-Colonial India & Princely States: Coinage, from RBI Monetary Museum, scroll down for Hyderabad
Coin Catalog of Mysore, from Numismaticon
Tippoo Sultan of Mysore, pp.699-726 in vol.2 of W. Marsden, Numismata orientalia illustrata, 1825, GB
Kerala Department of Archaeology, scroll down for Koyikkal Palace, Numismatic Museum
Coins of Kerala, from Karsha
CoinIndia : The Coin Galleries : Cannanore
NumisMaster Coin Price Guide : Indian Princely States, Cannanore, Cochin, Travancore, India Portuguese, Cochin, India Dutch
Oriental Coins Database : Cannanore, Cochin, Travancore
Ancient Coins of Karnataka, from Kamat's Potpourri
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Coins of Madras Presidency, from Bharat Coins, from Indian Coins

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