History of Italy 1930-1939

Switzerland after World War I, 1918-1930

In 1920, Switzerland entered the League of Nations, the headquarters of which was established at Geneva. That year, Geneva Cointrin Int'l Airport was opened.
Economically, Switzerland neither had to switch back from a planned wartime economy to a peacetime free market economy, nor to reintegrate thousands of returning soldiers. Yet, the country's economy, depending on both exports and imports, was affected by the crisis the surrounding countries found themselves in. Another Swiss advantage was that it did not have to deal with a huge debt accumulated during the war. Thus, the country did not suffer from inflation (as Germany and Austria did) nor saw it's labour movement turning revolutionary (as in Italy, Germany etc.).
Switzerland became the venue of a number of diplomatic negotiations, leading to the Treaty of Lausanne 1923 (peace for Turkey) and the Locarno Pact of 1925 (recognition and guarantee of Germany's western border).

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