History of Switzerland

Switzerland after World War II, 1945-1949

Foreign Policy : In 1946, diplomatic relations between Switzerland and the USSR, broken off in 1924, were restored. The mysterious disappearance of a Swiss diplomat in Budapest in 1946 resulted in the temporary cessation of diplomatic ties with Hungary. While Soviet manipulation of governments in countries such as Czechoslovakia was badly received by the Swiss press, Switzerland did sign a trade agreement with the USSR in 1948.

Domestic Policy : In 1947 an old-age insurance system was introduced.

The Economy : "Switzerland presented the anomalous spectacle of a dollar-rich country in the midst of a dollar-poor Europe" (Britannica BoY 1947). The Swiss National Bank, after having devaluated the Swiss Franc in 1936, considered raising the official exchange value in 1946. Shipping on the Rhine was reopened. Switzerland experienced inflation, caused by the lifting of price controls and rationing in Switzerland (in 1947-1948) as well as in her neighbouring countries. In 1947, Switzerland joined the OEEC and accepted Marshall Plan Aid. The Swiss economy experienced an early boom; especially the Swiss chemical industry.

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