History of Switzerland since 1969

Switzerland after World War II, 1949-1968

In the early 1950es, Switzerland pursued a protectionist policy regarding agricultural products, to protect the country's farmers. As a result, domestic prices for food were higher than elsewhere in Europe, while Swiss food exports were subsidized. In the 1950es, with the economies of her neighbouring countries growing fast, Swiss trade expanded strongly. Switzerland attracted many immigrants in search for employment, mainly from countries such as Italy, Yugoslavia etc.
In 1950, the practise of auctioning off orphans and children of divorced parents (Verdingkinder) to persons who demanded the lowest pay for room and board was terminated.
In 1954 Switzerland hosted the Soccer World Cup. In the final game, in Bern's Wankdorf Stadium, Germany defeated Hungary 3-2.
In 1959, the Swiss political parties agreed on the "Magic Formula". The composition of the Federal Council (Bundesrat) was to be 2 representatives each of the Free Democrats (FDP), Christian Democrats (CVP), Social Democrats (SP) and one of the Swiss People's Party (SVP). Vaud, Neuchatel (1959) and Geneve (1960) were the first Swiss cantons to introduce women's suffrage. Switzerland was a founder-member of EFTA (1959).
In 1962, the Swiss population, in a plebiscite, approved a plan to build a Swiss nuclear bomb; it was never implemented.
In 1963, Switzerland joined the Council of Europe. In 1967, work on drafting a revised constitution began. In 1967, the ultraright campaigned for restrictions against the influx of foreign workers. Immigration of persons in search of labour declined.

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