History of Switzerland

Switzerland since 1969

In 1971 women were granted the right to vote in federal elections (in one canton, Appenzell, they had to wait until 1992). In 1979 the Romandie, the French-speaking regions of the Canton Bern, split from the former and the Canton Jura was established. In 2002 Switzerland joined the UN (an earlier referendum on the issue had been rejected in 1986). In 2002, abortion in the early stages of pregnancy was legalized.
The Swiss economy continued to thrive. Switzerland has one of the highest per-capita GNP of Europe, but also is one of the costliest countries to live in. The high standard of living attracts an influx of migrants in search for labour, in addition to those seeaking asylum. On the other hand, unemployment figures have risen since the early 1970es, and the immigration and asylum issues have become sensitive political topics (referenda of 1994, 2002).
In 1998 the Swiss banks agreed on paying compensation to surviving Holocaust victims respectively relatives of the deceased (many deposits of Holocaust victtims had remained unclaimed, and the Swiss banking law had long prevented access to information). The role of Switzerland during World War II is currently being reexamined.
The complex Swiss political system makes political reform a slow and tedious process. Swiss politicians occasionally were frustrated because their proposals, such as UN membership or EU membership, either took decades to find approval by the Swiss voters, or were repeatedly rejected. The fact that Switzerland was among the last countries in Europe to grant women the right to vote (1971, in federal elections) respectively to reform the abortion legislation, goes to prove the point.

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