History of Italy

Genoan Republic, 1814-1815

In 1814 the Genoan Republic was reestablished; in the Vienna Congress (1815) allocated it to Savoy-Piemont-Sardinia, which annexed it.

DOCUMENTS Image of coins from Coins of the French Revolution and the First Empire : 2 Soldi, 1814, from Napoleonic Medals
Documents from Hertslet vol.1 (see Table of Contents
May 20th 1815 Territorial Treaty between Austria, Prussia, Russia, and Sardinia. Union of Genoa to Sardinia. Sardinian Cessions to Geneva. (Vienna.) pp.155ff
26 aprile 1814: Proclama del generale Bentinck, Comandante in capo dell'Armata di S. M. Britannica nel Genovesato, posted by Il Caso Liguria, in Italian
26 dicembre 1814: Proclama dei Governatori e Procuratori della Serenissima Repubblica di Genova, posted by Il Caso Liguria, in Italian

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