Genova 1660-1720 History of Italy Ligurian Rep., 1797-1805

Republic of Genova, 1720-1797

Since the French bombardment of 1684, the Republic of Genova pursued a policy of strict neutrality. During the War of Austrian Succession, Spain attempted to reclaim Milan from Austria. The Republic of Genova, because of a border conflict with Austrian ally Savoy-Piemont, allied herself with Spain in 1745. The Spanish occupied Milan in 1745, but had to withdraw the following year. Bastia on Corsica was taken by an Anglo-Savoyard fleet in Nov. 1745; in 1747 the occupants were expelled by the French, who administrated the town and her environs in the name of the Genoese Republic.
Liguria was occupied by Savoyard troops; a popular revolt expelled them from the city; the Peace of Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) 1748 restored the Republic of Genova in her prewar borders.
In 1752 a cuurency reform was introduced. The old scudi currency was replaced by a Lira currency (1 Lira = 20 Denari). In the late 1770s a Deputation of Commerce was created in Genova.
In 1786 the Genoese Society for Arts and Manufactures was established.
The island of Corsica, an old Genoese possession, was in open rebellion 1729-1732, 1733-1743, 1745-1753, 1755-1769. The revolt was suppressed with Austrian aid (1732), with French aid (1753); in 1768 the Republic of Genova sold the island to France.

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