1918-1922 History of Italy 1925-1935

Italy, 1922-1925

Foreign Policy . Domestic Policy . The Economy . Cultural History

Foreign Policy . In 1923 Italian forces briefly occupied the Greek island of Corfu (Kerkyra). With the support of Italy, Abyssnia was accepted into the League of Nations. In 1924 Italy annexed Fiume. In 1925, Britain ceded Jubaland (Kenya) to Italy (Somalia).

Domestic Policy . Following the resignation of the Italian cabinet in response to the March of Rome, Mussolini was asked to form a coalition government. From 1922 to 1925, Italy was a functioning democracy, with the Fascist Party (PNF) being the dominant force in that coalition.
Mussolini dealt with the socio-economic situation by creating state-funded employment programs, financed by additional money printed by the Bank of Italy. The unemployment figures sank, and the voters credited this to the PNF. In 1923 the Acerbo Law was passed, according to which the largest party would be given 50 % of the seats in parliament plus one. In the elections of 1924, the PNF gained 66.5 % of the votes, so the Acerbo Law was not even needed to achieve the majority. In 1923, Pope Pius XI. (1922-1939) ordered Don Sturzo, founder of the Catholic PPI, to dissolve his party; he, reluctantly, did ant went into exile.

The Economy . Mussolini's measures to reduce unemployment coincided with an economic upturn, and consumer confidence, consumption increased.

Cultural History . In 1922, the Grand Prix care race at Monza was held for the first time.

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