1943-1945 History of Italy 1949-1969

Italy, 1945-1949

Foreign Policy . Domestic Policy . The Economy . Cultural History

Foreign Policy : Italy had to cede its colonial possessions, the Dodecanese Islands (1945 British military administration, 1947 annexed by Greece), its outposts in Dalmatia, Fiume and most of Istria (to Yugoslavia). The Territory of Trieste was separated from Italy, its future to be decided later by plebiscite. Venezia Giulia came briefly, later Trieste, under US military administration.
A treaty with Austria was signed, granting special status to the region of South Tyrol, with its ethnic German population majority. Italy was given a Peace Treaty on February 10th 1947, which went into force later that year. Italy became a founding member of the Council of Europe in 1949; following Tito's break with Stalin, relations between Italy and Yugoslavia improved, despite the unsolved Trieste issue.

Domestic Policy : In general, Italy received rather lenient treatment from the side of the victorious allies; allied conquest of the peninsula was widely perceived as liberation. A civilian administration was reestablished in Rome. In 1945, Italy introduced Universal Womanhood Suffrage. Political parties had been (re-)founded in the later stage of World War II, Christian Democrats (DC), Communists (PCI), Socialists (PSI) etc. A party associated with Fascism, Il fronto del' Uomo qualunque (Front for the Common Man; short-lived) competed in the local elections of 1946. In Italy no pendant to Denazification was implemented. Cabinets were short-lived. In 1947 a new democratic, republican constitution was passed - the monarchy, after a plebiscite, was abolished; King Victor Emmanuel III. had abdicated in 1946.

The Economy : As elsewhere, Italy's economy, in the immediate years after the war, suffered from a lack of almost everything. Emigration to the US picked up. The peace treaty required Italy to pay repatrations - 125 million $ to Yugoslavia, 105 million to Greece, 25 million to Ethiopia, 5 million to Albania. In 1947, Italy heavily subsidized bread in order to keep prices low, i.e. affordable to the poor; inflation, in a deregulating economy, was a major concern. Italy benefitted from Marshall Plan aid in 1948-1950. Prices stabilized and the unemployment rate declined sharply.

Cultural History : Italian athletes won 29 medals in the Summer Olympics held in London in 1948; the country ranked 4th in the final medal standings. Roberto osselini in 1945 filmed Open City, in 1946 Paisa, in 1948 Germania, Anno Zero.

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