1969-1990 History of Italy

Italy in the 1990es

Foreign Policy . Italy remained member of UN, NATO, EC/EU. In 2003, Italian forces joined in the Coalition of the Willing (occupation of Iraq).

Domestic Policy . The collapse of communism made Italy's peculiar democratic system - the PCI an opposition party by definition, the DC the main government party by definition, obsolete. The Maastricht Treaty (1992) establishing economic conditions to be met for member nations to join the Euro Zone provided an incentive for Italy to pass deepgoing reforms; Italy was widely regarded not capable of making the criteria.
In 1992, Italy's courts began looking into the connections between organized crime (the Mafia) and politics (Tangentopoli. A number of hitherto respected politicians were sentenced to serve time in jail, among them six time prime minister Giulio Andreotti. Judge Antonio di Pietro most credited with the political clean-up (Mani Polite).
Italy's established parties disintegrated or renamed themselves, billionaire Silvio Berlusconi (owner of Mediaset and of AC Milan) formed the conservative Forza Italia and allied himself with Neofascists and the Northern League; the political left regoganized itself as the Olive Tree Coalitiion.

The Economy . To the surprise of many, Italy met the Maastricht criteria and joined the Euro Zone from the start. The Euro was introduced in 2002, the Lira was discontinued in 2004.

Culture . In 1997, Italian Dario Fo was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Turin hosted the Winter Olympic Games 2006. Italy won the Football World Cup in 2006.

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