History of Italy
Kingdom of Spain, 1808-1812 The Kingdom of Naples, 1806-1815

Satellite States
The Kingdom of Italy, 1805-1813

The region of Milano-Mantua-Bologna had been fought over constantly in the years 1795-1800 and, while under the protection of French forces alone, has been transformed into the LOMBARDIAN REPUBLIC, renamed the , CISPADAN, CISALPINE respectively ITALIAN REPUBLIC.
In 1805, the Italian Republic was enlaged by VENETIA (with DALMATIA, the IONIAN ISLANDS and ISTRIA) and transformed into the KINGDOM OF ITALY, the king of which was Napoleon Bonaparte himself (thus France and Italy being united in DYNASTIC UNION). The country was administrated by viceroy EUGENE DE BEAUHARNAIS, son of JOSEPHINE. In 1809, Napoleon, as King of Italy, ceded Dalmatia to France
The capital of the kingdom was MILANO. Napoleon himself was rarely present, as Paris was his Imperial residence and he was frequently campaigning.

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