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The Kingdom of Naples, 1806-1815

In June 1799, Naples fell and the Parthenopean Republic ended. The Bourbon dynasty, with British aid, was restored. In 1806, the French again invaded southern Italy, and the Bourbons, again, fled to Sicily (where, under the protection of the British navy, they could hold out). Napoleon again reshaped the political landscape of Italy; he installed his brother Joseph as the King of Naples.
In 1808, Joseph was made King of Spain, and the Kingdom of Naples passed to Napoleon's brother-in-law, Joachim Murat, the most ambitious and energetic among the kings Napoleon installed. Under his rule a number of reforms were passed, most of which did not survive his reign.
During the Wars of Liberation, Austrian troops entered Italy to end French influence on the peninsula. Murat, deserting Napoleon's cause after the Battle of Leipzig, remained in power and in 1814 the Vienna Congress was willing to accept him. However, during Napoleon's 100 days, Murat joined the French side, aspiring to become King of Italy. The Battle of Tolentino (1815) saw the Austrians victorious and Murat's reign end; the Bourbon dynasty was reinstated once again. Murat, who had fled to Corsica, tried to retake Naples once again and fell during the attempt.

The Kingdom is known under two names, the Kingdom of Naples and the Kingdom of both Sicilies (one being the island of that name, the other mainland south Italy). Joseph and Murat used the latter title, which expressed their claim on the island of Sicily.

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