Genova 1720-1797 History of Italy Genoan Rep., 1814-1815

Ligurian Republic, 1797-1805

In 1797, French troops controlling Northern Italy, the Republic of Genoa was renamed Ligurian Republic and given a government similar to that in France. In the Treaty of Campo Formio, the young republic was recognized by Austria. The republic underwent frequent changes of the system of government. A Provisional Government (1797-1798) was succeeded by an Executive Directory (1798-1799), which again was succeeded by a Commission of Government (1799-1802), all of which had in common that administrations were short-lived. In 1802 the position of Doge was reintroduced, Girolamo Luigi Francesco Durazzo filling it until he was compelled to apply for French annexation in 1805.
In 1805 annexed by France. For the years 1805 to 1814 see under French Italy. Reestablished as the (ancien regime-type) Genoan Republic in 1814, it was incorporated into Sardinia-Piemont by the Vienna Congress in 1815.

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