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Malta 1887-1914

In 1887 Malta was given a constitution which provided for a 20 member Council of Government, all of them elected. However, this proved ineffective, as it was split over the hotly disputed language issue (English, Italian, Maltese). In 1903 the constitution was replaced by another one, modelled on the constitution of 1848.
Early in the 20th century, the port facilities in La Valetta were expanded; construction works caused a brief economic boom, followed by a slump. In 1905 the islands' population numbered 205,000, without the garrison (18,000). Malta had no taxation, the main source of government revenue being customs tariffs; the tariff on imported grain being a major factor, causing high bread prices as Malta depended on the import of food. Languages of education were English and Italian. Malta had a small university.

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