World War II History of Italy 1949-1964

Malta 1943-1949

Status : Until 1946, the British regarded Malta as a naval base with a population; British governors were traditionally chosen from the ranks of the military.
In 1946 the first civilian governor of Malta was appointed. A constitution was prepared. In 1947 self-government was introduced. Malta remained a British possession. The Island Government was responsible for domestic affairs, while foreign policy, diplomatic representation, defense ec. remained an Imperial prerogative.

Domestic Policy : The Maltese government faced the problem of reconstruction (the island had suffered significant damage during the war) and the continuous reliance of Malta on the jobs provided by the British navy, and the necessity to subsidize food imports, most of all grain. The British decision to cancel food subsidies by the end of 1949 caused concern in Malta; the Maltese government, lacking revenue raised on Malta, strove for Britain to reconsider her decision, and petitioned the British to maintain the number of British employees on Malta.

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