1648-1706 1748-1796

The Duchy of Milan, 1706-1748

In the Treaties of Utrecht 1713 and Rastatt 1714, Spain ceded Milan, Sardinia and Naples to Austria. However, Spain intended to regain her former Italian possessions; in 1717 she retook Sardinia and Sicily, and in the subsequent War of the Quadruple Alliance 1718-1720 she was forced to return her conquests. Allied with France, in the War of Polish Succession 1733-1735 Spain regained Sicily and Naples. Still allied to France, in the War of Austrian Succession 1741-1748, she attempted to regain Milan, which - after the Republic of Genoa had entered the war on the Bourbon side - briefly was occupied by Spanish soldiers in 1745. In the Peace of Aachen 1748, Spain recognized Milan as Austrian territory, but gained Parma.

1701-1725, 1726-1750, from Storia di Milano
Storia di Milano : I governatori della Milano spagnola (The Spanish Governors of Milan), in Italian
History of Milan, from Milanoweb, from Ciao Milano
REFERENCE Alessandro Visconti, Storia di Milano, Milano : Ceschina 1937

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