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The Duchy of Milan, 1748-1796

In the Treaty of Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle, 1748), Austria ceded the western regions (Novara Province) of the Duchy of Milan to Savoy-Piemont-Sardinia, which had proven a valuable ally during the War of Austrian Succession 1741-1748.
In 1757, the first land survey of Milan was completed. In 1765, a Supreme Economic Council was established. In 1773 the Jesuit Order was dissolved; the Habsburg administration used the opportunity to estabish a system of public schools and to reform the University of Pavia. In 1764 Milanese Cesare Beccaria published 'On Crime and Punishment'.
In 1792 the First War of the Coalition began (until 1797). In 1796, Milan was occupied by the French, who proclaimed the establishment of the Lombard Republic, soon replaced by the Transpadan Republic.

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