The Duchy of Modena, 1814-1860

In 1814 the Duchy of Modena was reestablished, Duke Francesco IV., son of Maria Beatrice d'Este and Archduke Ferdinand of Habsburg-Lorraine, founded the Habsburg Este Line. In 1844, Parma ceded Guastalla to Modena. In 1846 he was succeeded by his son Francesco V. (-1859). In 1852 the diocesis of Modena was elevated archdiocesis. After the Battle of Solferino (1859) the Armistice of Villafranca foresaw the return of the ruling duke. Yet a patriotic provisional government took charge; Modena was annexed by Piemont-Sardinia in March 1860. The Kingdom of Piemont-Sardinia in 1861 was renamed Kingdom of Italy.
Population 1823 370,000, 1850 590,000; size 6,030 square km.

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