1914-1918 History of Italy 1922-1929

The Papacy, 1918-1922

In 1920, Jeanne d'Arc, the maiden of Orleans, was canonized, a measure to symbolically recognize the effort of the French people, who during World War I under tremendous suffering stood up to an alien (German) invasion.
While World War I was in its final stage, revolution began in Russia. The church recognized the appearance of Mother Mary to three illiterate shepherd children at Fatima in Portugal in 1917, which refers to the events in Russia, to the spread of suffering and atheism that would originate from there.
The Russian Revolution turned into a brutal civil war; revolution spread to Hungary, Germany, Austria, seemingly to Italy herself (the Red Biennium). Pope Benedict XV. was deeply concerned. In Italy, priest Don Sturzo established the Partito Populare Italiano (PPI, 1919), a Catholic Party; under the circumstances, Pope Benedict did not interfere, thus temporarily interrupting the policy of non-cooperation with the Italian state.

In 1919 the Catholic university at Nijmegen (Netherlands) was established, ending the state monopoly of higher education there. In 1921 diplomatic relations with France were resumed. In 1922 Pope Benedict XV. died.

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