The Duchy of Parma-Piacenza, 1814-1860

In 1814 the Duchy was reestablished (since 1808 it had been a French departement) and given to Napoleon's wife, Marie-Louise von Habsburg (-1847). In 1844, Guastalla was ceded to Modena. Then the Bourbon Dynasty, hitherto residing in Lucca, succeeded. Parma-Piacenza and Lucca were united (1847). There were revolutions in 1831 and 1848, which were suppressed by Austrian respectively Piemontese troops. In 1854, Duke Carlo III. was assassinated. After Austria's defeat in the Battle of Solferino in 1859 the Armistice of Villafranca foresaw the return of the ruling duke. Yet a (patriotic) provisional government took charge on June 9th; Parma-Piacenza was formally annexed by Piemont-Sardinia in March 1860; the Kingdom of Piemont-Sardinia was renamed Kingdom of Italy in 1861.
Population in 1823 : 380,000, 1850 : 490,000; size 5,870 square km

The Royal House of Bourbon : Parma
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