1860-1906 History of Italy since 1945

Republic of San Marino, 1906-1945

In 1906, San Marino undertook a constitutional reform; the family heads again were enfranchised.
In 1937, San Marino had 14,272 inhabitants. That year, the San Marinese budget was balanced at 5,077,000 Lire; the public debt, as of 1935, amounted to 8 million Lire.
Ever since 1872, San Marino was placed under the protection of neighbour Italy. San Marino used the same currency as Italy, the LIRA. The economic crisis following World War I affected San Marino, as the country experienced unemployment and inflation. A San Marinese FASCIST PARTY was founded in 1922; they soon got a hold of state administration. San Marino, following the Italian model, was transformed into a CORPORATE STATE; the PFI (Fascist Party of Italy) frequently interfered in San Marinese affairs. San Marino was linked with Rimini by a railroad financed by Italy. Following the Italian turnabout in 1943, San Marino declared NEUTRALITY. The PFS was dissolved. The republic of c.15,000 provided shelter for an estimated refugee population of c. 100,000. Officially both sides respected San Marinese neutrality; on June 26th 1944 the republic suffered from a British air raid. In September 1944, the Germans and the Anglo-Americans, engaged in a battle, violated San Marinese neutrality.

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