Venetia 1797-1815

In 1797 the Treaty of Campoformio abolished the Republic of Venice and partitioned her territories among the Austrians and the French. Venice's Terraferma - her territory on the Italian mainland - was partitioned, the areas to the west and south of the Adige River allocated to the Cisalpine Republic, the areas to the east/north to Austria.
The Second War of the Coalition, northern Italy once again was battleground, and Venetia was transited by Suvorov's Russian forces.
In 1806 Austria ceded her part of the Terraferma, with Venice, to the Kingdom of Italy, the former Cisalpine Republic (1797-1802) and Italian Republic (1802-1805). Napoleon was both Emperor of France and King of Italy, Milan capital of the Kingdom of Italy. French-style political reforms (written constitution, egality before the law, abolition of privileges, emancipation of the Jews, the Code Civile) were introduced. In 1814 Napoleon Bonaparte abdicated; Austrian troops replaced the French as the dominant force on the Italian peninsula. The Vienna Congress of 1814-1815 created an (Austrian) Kingdom of Lombardo-Venetia, consisting of the pre-1789 Duchies of Milan, Mantua and the Venetian Terraferma, with the city of Venice herself.

The second centennial of the end of the Republic of Venice, from Venezia Net
REFERENCE John Julius Norwich, A History of Venice, NY : Vintage, 1989 : The Fall : 1789-1797, pp.605-632

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