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Switzerland Genova
First posted on February 19th 2010, last revised using Dr. Link Check on October 1st 2012

In July 1797 the Transpadane and Cispadane Republics, were merged to form the Cisalpine Republic. The Treaty of Campoformio (Oct. 1797) brought recognition by Austria and added the Venetian Terraferma west of the Adige. An invasion of Lugano (Ticino, Switzerland) in 1797 failed; the Graubünden subject territories of Valtellina, Bormio and Chiavenna revolted (June 1797), and, following a plebiscite, were annexed into the Cisalpine Republic (Oct. 1797).

Formally an ally of France on equal terms, the Cisalpine Republic was a French satellite state. French troops stationed in the Republic were paid for by the latter; the forces of the Republic were to support the French in their wars. As contemporary France, the Cisalpina was governed by a Directorate. In July 1797 a constitution, modelled after the French, was introduced, which was altered after an anti-French coup in April 1798. During the Second War of the Coalition, when it again came under Austro-Russian occupation (April 1799 - June 1800), the institutions of the republic were terminated. When the French forces returned, the republic was restored (Second Republic). In the Treaty of Luneville, the formerly Piemontese Province of Novara was annexed.
In 1802 the Cisalpine Republic was renamed Italian Republic.

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