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Bern Solothurn
First posted on December 10th 2007, last revised on December 12th 2013

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for 1815-1979 see History of Bern; for the time prior to 1789 see Princebishopric of Basel
see also History of Switzerland

Historical Atlas, Switzerland Page

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Country Profiles Article Canton Jura, from Wikipedia
Article Kanton Jura, from Wikipedia German edition
Article Canton du Jura, from Wikipedia French edition
Links on History Clio Online, keyword Jura; German language History Portal
Category : Canton of Jura, from Wikipedia
Historical Dictionary Historisches Lexikon der Schweiz (in German), Dictionnaire historique de la Suisse (in French), Dizionario storico della Svizzera (in Italian)
a brief historical dictionary in English at this site
M. Lutz, Dictionnaire geographique et statistique de la Suisse, 1837, in French, GB
H.J. Leu, Allgemeines Eydgenössisches oder Schweitzerisches Lexicon, vol.1 : A, 1747, vol.2 : B-Be, 1748, vol.3 : Be-Bi, 1749, vol.4 : Bi-Ca, 1750, vol.5 : C-D, 1751, vol.6 : D-F, 1752, vol.7 : F, 1753, vol.8 : Ga-Go, 1754, vol.9 : Go-He, 1754, vol.10 : He-K, 1756, vol.11 : K-Le, 1756, vol.12 : Le-Me, 1757, vol.13 : Me-N, 1757, vol.14 : N-R, 1758, vol.15 : R, 1759, vol.16 : Sa-Se, 1760, vol.17 : Se-T, 1762, vol.18 : T, U, V, 1763, vol.19 : W, 1764, vol.20 : X, Y, Z, 1765, in German, GB
Timelines from Memo, in French
Accounts of History Article Canton of Jura : History
Article Kanton Jura : Geschichte, from Wikipedia German edition
Article Canton du Jura : Histoire, from Wikipedia French edition
Canton de Jura, from Memo, in French
Article : Jura (Kanton), from Historisches Lexikon der Schweiz, in German, many subfiles
Politics Article : Kanton Jura : Verfassung, from Wikipedia German edition
Article Politique du Canton du Jura, from Wikipedia French edition
Economy & Finances Articles Canton of Jura : Economy, from Wikipedia
Article : Kanton Jura : Wirtschaft, from Wikipedia German edition
Social History
History of Regions
Local History Articles : Porrentruy : History, from Wikipedia
Articles : Porrentruy : Histoire, from Wikipedia French edition
Articles : Porrentruy : Geschichte, from Wikipedia German edition
Institutions Structurae :
Environmental History

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Historical Data Lists of Statesmen List of Presidents of the Government 1979-, from World Statesmen by Ben Cahoon
Statistical Data Population Figures Switzerland, Historical Population Statistics of the Provinces, from Population Statistics (Jan Lahmeyer)
Constitutions Verfassungen des Kantons Jura (Constitutions of C. J.), posted by Verfassungen.de, in German
Document Collections Swissdox; site permitting to download historical Swiss documents; charges fee
Historical Maps NE of Jura 1897, from Discus Media
Encyclopedia Entries
Articles Jura (Mountain Range), Bern (Canton), from EB 1911
Articles Bern (Kanton), Jura, französisch-schweizerischer, Pruntrut, from Meyers Konversationslexikon 1885-1892, in German
Article Pruntrut, from Brockhaus Konversationslexikon 1894-1896, in German
Institutions Archives Archives de l'ancien eveche de Bale
Archives Cantonales Jurassiennes
Monuments Denkmalschutz Historische Militärbauten, from Armasuisse; scroll down for Neuenburg, Jura
Liste von Burgen und Schlössern in der Schweiz : Jura, from Wikipedia German edition
National Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag, from FOTW
Coat of Arms, from Wikipedia

Bibliographies from Memo
Online Libraries general Google Books; Internet Archives; Gutenberg Library Online; HathiTrust
on Switzerland Swiss Electronic Library
Helvetic Archives, at the Swiss National Library
Thesis Server Registry of Open Access Repositories, Switzerland
Open Access Theses and Dissertations
Dissertationen-Server Univ. Zurich; links to other Swiss Univ.' Dissertation Servers
Online Journals full text online Directory of Open Access Journals
Swiss Electronic Academic Library Service : Retrodigitized Journals : Sammlung Geschichte und Geographie
Archiv des Historischen Vereins des Kantons Bern, 1860-, in German, GB
Berner Taschenbuch : aus der bernischen Vergangenheit und Gegenwart, vol.s 8-19 1859-1870, in German, GB
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