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Alsace Switzerland
First posted on on May 9th 2011, last revised on December 12th 2013

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The city of Mühausen was part of the Sundgau, a Habsburg dominion in the southern Alsace, within the Holy Roman Empire. In 1275, the city acquired the status of a free imperial city. From 1354 to 1515 M¨lhausen was part of the Alsatian Decapolis.
In 1515 Mülhausen became an ally of the Swiss Confederation. The Protestant Reformation was introduced in 1529, Catholics and Jews chased from the city. In 1648 France acquired the Habsburg possessions in the Alsace; from 1648 to 1798 Mülhausen thus was surrounded by French territory. In 1798 Mulhouse was annexed by France.
From 1871 to 1919, as part of Alsace-Lorraine, and again from 1940 to 1944, Mulhouse, under the name of Mülhausen, was part of Germany, from 1919 to 1940 and since 1944/1945 again part of France.

In sources prior to 1798, the spelling varieties Mülhausen, Müllhausen, Mühlhausen appear. In French language sources if the early 19th century, the dominantly used spelling is Mulhausen; only gradually was it replaced by Mulhouse. This page focusses on the period prior to 1798.

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Religion F. Weill, Histoire de la Synagogue de Mulhouse
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Others H. Zetter, Tableaux genealogiques de la famille Zetter de Mulhouse, 1525-1894. 1894, posted on Gallica

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Document Collections Swissdox; site permitting to download historical Swiss documents; charges fee
N. Ehrsam (ed.), Der Stadt Mülhausen privilegirtes Bürgerbuch: bis zur Vereinigung dieser Stadt mit Frankreich 1798, 1850, in German, GB
Individual Documents Petition a l'Assemblee nationale, par les fabricans de toiles peintes du royaume, contre le projet de decret qui adopte la convention faite par le roi, avec la Republique de Mulhausen, le 22 septembre 1791, posted on Gallica
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modern Map : Medieval Traffic Routes in Switzerland, Ecclesiastical Administrative Division in Switzerland c.1300, Territorial Development Swiss Confederacy, 1291-1797, Switzerland : Political Structure 1530, Switzerland : Political Structure 1560, Political Structure in the 18th Century, division into cantons, from Wikipedia
Map : Mulhouse in the Year 1600, 1700, from euratlas
Cartes Departementales : Haut-Rhin, from SPLAF
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Southern Alsace 1648, posted by Thomas Höckmann
contemporary Mülhausen 1906, from Discus Media
Alsace-Lorraine (Blackie & Sons 1882), posted by FEEFHS
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City Panoramas 1750, from Historic Maps, Mühlhausen
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Article Mülhausen, from Brockhaus Konversationslexikon 1894-1896, in German
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Travelogues Mulhausen ou Mullhausen, pp.358-365 in J.B. de la Borde, Tableaux de la Suisse, ou voyage pittoresque fait dans les xiii cantons du corps helvetique 1784, in French, GB
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