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Switzerland Prussia
First posted on July 27th 2003, last revised on December 12th 2013

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From 1504 to 1707, the Principality of Neuchatel (with Valangin) was ruled by the Princes of Nemours, a sideline of the house of Bourbon. Although the princes were Catholic, the majority of the population of Neuchatel was Calvinist. After the death of Marie d'Orleans, the last princess, the Estates elected, among no less than 25 claimants, King Frederick I. in Prussia. Bern had supported the Prussian claim, and Prussia had entered the War of Spanish Succession under the condition that the Allies supported her claim on Neuchatel. In 1707, the Principality of Neuchatel had c. 25,000 inhabitants, the city of Neuchatel c. 3,000.
The Treaty of Utrecht 1713 confirmed the Dynastic Union between Prussia and Neuchatel. However, while Brandenburg-Prussia was ruled absolute, the King could rule Neuchatel only in cooperation with the Estates. A 1709 attemp by Prince Conti to seize power in Neuchatel failed due to local resistance. In 1712-1713 the principality suffered famine. Neuchatel was affected by Huguenot migrations, mainly as a transit station. Neuchatel participated in the Toggenburg War of 1712 - Neuchatel was affiliated to the Swiss Confederation.
Since 1717 there were episodical rumours about a possible sale of Neuchatel by the Princes; in 1730 the King was willing to sell N. for 600,000 Thalers; the sale did not materialize. An attempted coup by Marquis Louis de Nesles in 1734 failed. Some Neuchatellers emigrated to East Prussia in 1734, where the 'wilderness' was settled. The Estates pressurized a tiny community of Mennonites which, after having fled Bern, had settled a remote corner of the principality, without official permission. In vain the King tried to intervene on their behalf; ultimately the 77 persons emigrated (1734-1744).
In 1748 a tax reform was implemented. In 1767-1768 Prussia contemplated to take a loan from Bern over 700,000 Thalers and to pawn the revenues from Neuchatel; the plan caused resentment in Neuchatel and the loan did not materialize. On May 20th 1768, Swiss troops occupied Neuchatel, following the assassination of royal emissary Claude Gaudet on April 24th. The conflict was settled through negotiation.
In April 1763, Jean-Jacques Rousseau had become a citizen of the Principality of Neuchatel. On March 13th he was excommunicated by the Calvinist church of Neuchatel; he received threats against his life; in September a sermon by Priest Montmoulin incited the mob to insult the philosopher, who fled the principality.
On May 28th 1777, France and Switzerland concluded an alliance. In 1740, the principality had a population of 30,000; in 1786 of c. 40,000 inhabitants, the rise being supported by the industrialization (clocks, dyed cotton textiles, laces). In 1781, the Regiment Meuron, mainly consisting of Swiss mercenaries, and all-protestant, was raised to serve the Dutch V.O.C.; in 1795, following the surrender of the Dutch Republic, they served the British until being disbanded in 1816. They served a.o. in the Cape Colony, Ceylon, Canada.
The population of Neuchatel was conservative, rather opposed to the ideas of 1789. The Paris 'Club Helvetique' spread revolutionary propaganda. In 1791 the population of Vaud rose against Bernese rule. In 1792 the Estates of Neuchatel declared their loyalty to the King of Prussia. There was unrest in some communities of Neuchatel in 1792; foreign agitators were expelled and the situation calmed down. Trees of Liberty, planted Dec. 1792- Jan. 1793, were removed in May 1793, patriotic societies were dissolved in June 1793.
Supporters of the revolution were recognized by their 'bonnets rouges', while supporters of the traditional order wore 'cocardes oranges'. Neuchatel became residence of a number of French emigres.
In 1806 Prussia ceded Neuchatel to France; an attempt to integrate Neuchatel into Switzerland failed.

Napoleon Bonaparte granted the Principality of Neuchatel to one of his officers, Marechal Berthier. After Napoleon's defeat, and a brief period of Austrian occupation (Dec. 23rd 1813 - Jan. 14th 1814), Neuchatel returned to Prussian rule, but simultaneously was integrated in the Swiss Federation. King Frederick William III. visited the principality in July 1814.
In 1830, Trees of Liberty again were planted. In 1831 a plan to separate Neuchatel from Switzerland was considered; it failed in 1834. In 1848/1857 the Dynastic Union between Prussia and Neuchatel was terminated. Neuchatel became a canton of Switzerland.

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