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For the History of the Holy See 1871-1929 and of the Vatican since 1929, click here; for the History of Italy since 1860 click here

Papal State, 1860-1871
Papal State, 1849-1860
Papal State, 1830-1849
Papal State, 1815-1830
Papal State, 1809-1815
Papal State, 1799-1809
Papal State, 1789-1799
Papal State, 1758-1789
Papal State, 1730-1758
Papal State, 1700-1730
Papal State, 1660-1700
Papal State, 1618-1660
Papal State, 1590-1618
Papal State, 1566-1590
Papal State, 1534-1566
Papal State, 1503-1534
Papal State, 1471-1503
Papal State, 1447-1471

For documents on the history of the Papal State, click here
Historic Encyclopedias on the Papal State, 1809-1859, on Pius IX., Leo XIII., Cardinal Antonelli, Farini, Minghetti
List of Wars, Papal State Page

Students' Paper : Kim, Hyun Kyu, A Backward Country ? The Papal State in 19th Century Encyclopedias (2009)
Student's Paper : Choi, June Young, History of Rice Cultivation in Europe (2008)
Student's Paper : Kim, Kyun, The Image of Cesare Borgia in Historiography (2007)
Student's Paper : Kim, Sang Woo, The Reaction of the Papacy to French Absolutism 1589-1685 (2007)
Student's Paper : Paik, Hye Rin, The Papacy and French Absolutism, 1660-1790 (2007)
Student's Paper : Woo, Na Young, The Papal State and Vatican City, 1840 to 1929 (2007)

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Military click here
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