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Two Sicilies Naples
First posted on April 14th 2009, last revised on December 12th 2013

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Antiquity . Arab Sicily, 827-1091 . Norman Sicily, 1060-1194 . 1194-1282 . 1282-1443 . 1443-1713 . 1713-1738 . 1738-1806 . 1806-1815 . 1816-1861 . Part of Italy, since 1861
see also Kingdom of Naples, Kingdom of Unified Naples/Two Sicilies

In Antiquity, the indigenous inhabitants of Sicily were called Siculi. They were joined by Phoenician and Greek settlers who established cities such as Panormus, Syracusa and Messina, mostly on the coast. The Phoenician cities came under the rule of Carthago. The First Punic War (264-241) was fought over the control of Sicily and ended with a Roman victory; Sicily became a Roman province, and remained so until 476 when it became part of the Kingdom of Italy (of Odoacar), then of the Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy. From 553 onward, Sicily was a province of the Byzantine Empire.

Emirate of Sicily, (827) 965-1091
The Arab conquest began in 827; the last Byzantine outpost, Taormina, fell in 965. During the Muslim conquest, Sicily was a province of the Aghlabid (800-909)respectively Fatimid Dynasty (909-). In 965 Sicily became an independent Emirate. The Arabs introduced orange and lemon, sugar cane, rice and the noodle to Sicily.

Norman Sicily, 1060-1194
The Norman conquest began in 1060 and was completed in 1091. In 1130 Sicily was elevated to the status of kingdom; the kingdom extended over southern Italy as well.

Staufer Dynasties 1194-1254, Angevin Dynasty 1254-1282
In 1194 Emperor Henry VI. married Sicilian heiress Constance - and had her male relatives murdered. From 1194 to 1254, the Kingdom of Sicily was held in dynastic union with the Holy Roman Empire, a fact of great concern to the popes and one of the reasons of the Investiture Conflict. From 1254 to 1282 The Kingdom of Sicily was held by the Angevin Dynasty (= of Anjou). The Angevins on Sicily were murdered in 1282 (Sicilian Vesper) and were replaced by Aragon.

Sicily Aragonese
While the Angevins held on to the Kingdom of Naples until 1443 (when Aragon succeeded here as well), the Kingdom of Sicily was held in Dynastic Union with the Crown of Aragon.

Dynastic Union with Naples
With Aragon and Castile forming the Kingdom of Spain, Sicily and Naples became Spanish sidelands, sharing a common ruler who resided in Naples. Sicily maintained its separate institutions. This situation lasted until 1713.

Sicily Savoyard 1713-1720, Austrian 1720-1738
From 1713 to 1718/1720 Sicily was held by the House of Savoy, from 1730 to 1734/38 by the Austrian Habsburgs. From 1718 to 1730, 1734 to 1738 Spanish occupation.

Unified Kingdom of Naples
The rulers of Sicily for long had resided in Naples. When Spain regained control of Sicily and Naples, the two separate kingdoms were merged to form the Kingdom of Two Sicilies, with its capital in Naples.

Napoleonic Interlude
In 1799 the mainland briefly had been transformed into the Neapolitan or Parthenopean Republic; in 1806 the mainland was converted into the Kingdom of Naples (until 1815). Under the protection of the British navy, for these periods Sicily was a separate kingdom, and the king resided in Palermo.

Kingdom of Two Sicilies
From 1816 to 1860 the Kingdom of Two Sicilies was restored. The kings pursued a repressive policy; attempts to establish a liberal constitution (Sicily 1820) and a revolution (Sicily 1848) were suppressed.

Kingdom of Italy
In 1860 Garibaldi's redshirts drove the Bourbon army out of Sicily, and out of the entire kingdom. Sicily became part of the Kingdom of Italy.

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Institutions Archives Archivio di Stato di Agrigento, Catania, Enna, Messina, Palermo, Ragusa, Siracusa, Taranto, Trapani
Musea Servizio Museo archeologico regionale Antonino Salinas di Palermo, from Regione Siciliana
Monuments Agrigento : Monuments, Catania : Monuments, Messina : Monuments, Palermo : Monuments, Siracusa : Monuments, Trapani : Monuments, from Regione Siciliana
State Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Historical Flags, from FOTW
Coat of Arms, Royaume de Sicile, from Heraldique Europeenne
Coins, Banknotes Coin Catalog of Sicily, from Numismaticon; Search Coin Archives for Sicily
Coins of the Kingdom of Sicily, from The Maskukat Collection
Catalogo delle monete Arabe esistenti nella Biblioteca comunale di Palermo 1892, IA

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