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Cispadane Republic
First posted on April 20th 2011, last revised using Dr. Link Check on October 1st 2012

On the Lombard Republic, Transpadan Republic, Republic of Bergamo

These bodiess have to be seen in combination with the War of the First Coalition 1792-1797, which went on in Northern Italy at that time. The Lombard Republic (the former Duchy of Milan), established May 15th 1796, Transpadan Republic, established by merging the Lombard Republic with territory occupied by the French of the Duchy of Mantua November 15th 1796, were political entities under French occupation. In case of French-occupied territory of the Republic of Venice things were a bit more complicated. In Bergamo, the short-lived Republic of Bergamo (March 12-14 1797) then decided to join the Cispadane Republic; Brescia seems to have been under Bergamo; in French-occupied Verona no local republic was established. The fall of the fortress of Mantua, held by Austrian forces, to the French in February 1797 decided the war in favour of the French.
On July 9th the Cispadane Republic (with the Republic Emilia) and the Transpadane Republic were merged to form the Cisalpine Republic.

While the Lombard, Transpadan, Bergamask Republics had democratic institutions and republican constitutions, they frequently found themselves at odds with Napoleon Bonaparte, who overruled their decisions, had politicians opposing his views removed, or completely reconstituted the political landscape.
Because the military and political situation was in flux, because Napoleon's and the republican administration's view of matters have differed, most sources prefer to treat the period rather summaric, mention the Transpadane Republic merely as a transitional phase, often completely ignore the Lombard Republic.

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